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This is an adult day class for anyone looking to get away on their lunch hour or get back into post-baby shape (no experience necessary; we will teach you the proper technique for proper body alignment). We use basic ballet barre stretches to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility that is easy on the joints, spine, and neck. We meet three times a week on Tuesdays | Thursdays |at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Instructor: Tagg

Location: Clique Studios, Performance Studio: located on the other side of the ballroom through the double grey doors *****Special request to follow the concrete around the ballroom floor*****

What to bring:
A water bottle and a towel
Clothes should fit comfortably

Leggings or shorts
Comfortable shirt
Bare feet, Socks, Ballet Slippers, Jazz Shoes are best
We recommend waist cinchers or belly bands for extra support

We offer punch cards; no memberships.

Class outline:
After heavy-duty living over the weekend, on Tuesdays, we realign our bodies and focus on stretches at the Barre.

Now that our bodies are well adjusted and centered from Tuesday’s class, we spend Thursdays focusing on routines to build strength and stamina that are gentle on the joints; no impact. You don't have to attend both, either class is optional.

Who is this class for:
*Adults who prefer a group class environment vs the gym.
* Moms who are wanting to get back to a pre-baby body.
* Adults that are looking for a healthy lifestyle change.
* Adults that want some physical activity on their lunch hour.
* Most importantly, people looking for an indoor physical activity when the weather
in Texas gets TOO DOGGONE HOT!

The Benefits:

Not only are you part of a community, dance benefits the body in so many other ways such as, it is one of the few sports that could become a creative outlet, it stimulates the mind and improves memory, low to no impact on the back & hips, knees & feet, shoulders & neck so there is less wear and tear on the body. It tones muscles, contributes to weight loss and dance releases the feel-good hormone that our bodies automatically produce.

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FREE for New Student

Single Class $7.00

Both Classes $10.00

Punch Card 10 Classes $50 ($5 per class)



Clique Studios

2385 Midway Rd. Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75006, US


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